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How is the Easy Go and Stow (EGS) different from other caps & toppers?

The EGS System is the only rigid bed enclosure solution that collapses to a flat profile and can be removed and installed by a single person. This allows you to easily return your truck to its original, open bed, configuration. While doing this, the EGS does not occupy a large footprint of wasted space in your garage.  Although lightweight, the EGS is strong.  It does not use any of the thin, tempered glass of traditional caps.  This glass can be easily broken, and replacements are expensive and difficult to find.  See below for our window construction.

What is the EGS made out of?

The EGS frame is constructed with strong, lightweight aluminum.  The majority of what you see is Makrolon UV--a top-quality polycarbonate with ultra-violet light filtering.  This is the same material that is used in bullet-resistant glass, motorcycle windshields, shatter-proof glasses, and many other applications where a tough (nearly unbreakable), see-thru component is required. The side panels, however, can be your choice of economical fiber reinforced plastic (FRP--aka shower board), plexiglass, aluminum sheets, or any material the user finds suitable for their needs.  The side panels are designed to be easily changed by just sliding them into the frame slots.

Can the EGS be customized for my personal style or to match my business theme?

Yes. There are many ways to customize your EGS System topper. Just a few of them are:

  • Painting the aluminum frame to match your truck's color, or personal taste
  • Changing the side panels to many optional colors and material types
  • Airbrushing or adding vinyl decal packs to create hot graphic designs or display your company logo & information

What is your delivery area?

We currently deliver to any address in the United States, excluding APOs, FPOs and PO Boxes. Rush shipping is available at an additional charge. Unfortunately at this time we do not ship outside of the United States, but we will be shipping internationally soon.

Can I pay by check?

We currently do not accept checks. If you would like to have this option, please e-mail us at info@EasyGoandStow.com to let us know.

Can I order items COD?

No. We do not allow COD orders. We do accept Paypal, which gives buyers an extra level of security and protection.

How do I track my order?

The complete status detail of your order will be emailed to you, including the shipper tracking number. To view the shipper's status of delivery, click the tracking number.

How do I modify an order?

An order can be modified if the status is listed as Open, Hold, or Authorized. You can remove items from an order or cancel the complete order. If the order is In-transit, Shipped, Expired, or Cancelled, you cannot modify the order.

How do I cancel an order?

Identify the order you want to cancel from "My Orders" and click the details column. Click "Cancel Entire Order" to cancel the order. A confirmation page displays to verify you want to cancel the order. The order only may be cancelled if the status is Open, Held, or Authorized. If the order is In-transit, Shipped, Expired, or Cancelled, you cannot cancel the order.

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