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About Us

Our Vision:

The leader in creating a product line that offers interchangeable multiple accessories that provide the best multi-use of a truck for work and play.  A truck is more than a vehicle; it is a valuable tool with many uses for a large variety of owners.  We want to use a truck to its fullest potential—in ways not available before—in a single systemEasy Go and Stow.

Welcome to EasyGoandStow.com!

Our family owned business in Atlanta, Georgia, has an ambitious goal to revolutionize the ease and flexibility by which owners use their truck beds.   Gone are the days of weighing currently available truck accessory trade-offs and selecting solutions that limit the usability of your truck.


We are proud of our innovative products and personal customer service. 


Our backgrounds are:

Jerry Kramer—Product Development and Inventor—With experience as a business owner,  published photographer, and Project and Supervising Architect in Hawaii, California and Atlanta for airports, planned communities, high rises, and two Olympic venues, to name a few, Jerry has combined his unerring eye for design with his technical expertise to produce the innovative Easy Go and Stow product line

Irene Kramer—Operations Manager—through various experience as a Certified Financial Planner, business owner and manager, here and abroad, Irene understands people and focuses on solutions without cutting corners . . . affordable.

Stephen Kramer—Sales Manager—With vast business technical experience, thorough knowledge of E-Commerce, web sales, and the Easy Go and Stow system, Steve persistently emphasizes excellent customer service and product satisfaction. 


Jerry Kramer

Owner and President





Easy Go and Stow
3882 The Ascent NE

Atlanta, GA 30319

(770) 455-6171


folding truck topper on Ford