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The EGS System

The Easy Go and Stow (EGS) is a brand new and exciting truck bed management system that is made in the U.S.A.!  By employing a lightweight, collapsible design, many of the problems with traditional toppers & caps are solved. 

While the EGS maintains the security and strength of a rigid cap, it can be folded flat and removed by a single person.  This allows the user easy access to their open bed when needed, and easily stores in a small space.

The EGS cap - select models available now

$1595-For fixed length (6' or 6.5')
$1695-for adjustable length-fits nearly any truck
All EGS caps supplied with premium polycarbonate panels
Discount shipping-only $99* in the Continental US
*For all trucks up to 6.5'; additional shipping is necessary for 8' long beds.

The EGS bed enclosure/accessory system is NOT a regular truck cap!

It costs about the same as a typical cap, but does so much more.

The EGS system allows a single person to fold-down and remove the cap; gaining full open access to your truck bed whenever needed.  This is the only bed enclosure that does this!  In addition to this huge benefit, the EGS user enjoys the following bonuses:
  • The ability to change the cap’s appearance with side panels that are easily replaceable.  Change materials, colors, add graphics, business logos, or whatever you can imagine. 
  • Because the EGS is about half the weight of traditional caps, it aids with fuel efficiency.
  • The EGS is width-adjustable.  This means that you do not need to sell your cap when you sell your truck.  The standard black frame and translucent dark-black panels look good with many different truck colors.
  •  The EGS offers superior visibility out of the truck, yet offers the security of being difficult to see into from the outside.
  • Convenient add-on accessories such as a light-duty rack, powered & passive ventilation system, and more.

The EGS components after quick disassembly, folded flat. 

  Whatever you call it, cap, topper, canopy, camper, hard-cover, or bed cover, a rigid cap has not collapsed or folded flat for ease of handling and storage . . . until now!  While the EGS maintains the security and strength of a rigid cap, the user has easy access to the open bed when needed.  Watch our video, above, and see how the EGS Cap assembles and installs on your truck bed . . . easily . . . by yourself!   This lightweight, part-time, weekend, seasonal or all-the-time cap is here.  So, you don’t have to get an appointment book and buy beer, pizza, and barbeque for 3 guys to take off your truck cap . . . you can do it yourself.  And, you can store it in a small space, flat against a wall, out of the way, in your garage.  The convenience, looks, and versatility of the EGS Cap are worth owning. As a truck bed management system, EGS will soon offer a rack option for its cap.  You can have a cap with a rack or take some parts off the cap and have a stand-alone rack . . . use it either way.

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